Welcome to the No Labels Party of Florida!

We are No Labels, and we believe in an America where every voice counts. We believe excellent minds lie on the left and right of our political spectrum, and when they can respect each other’s point of view, only good things happen.

But for too long, the loudest, angriest and most extreme voices have drowned out everyone else. Our movement has the power to do something about it. We have spent the last decade building a nationwide network of citizens and a group of allies in the U.S. House and Senate have forged bipartisan agreements to solve some of America’s toughest challenges. But this moment calls for something much bigger.

That is why we are working to ensure Americans have a real choice in the 2024 presidential election. It’s the hardest and most important thing we’ve ever done. And to succeed, we need more thinkers and doers to join our fast-growing grassroots movement. To learn more, email us at info@nolabels.org.

No Labels Party of Florida:

Randy Smith

Randall Smith

Harold Mills

Harold Mills


Allan Keen

Treasurer and Secretary
Mariso de Colsa

Mariso de Colsa

State Executive Committee Member
Jeff Eves

Jeffrey Eves

Founding Member

Phil Lustbader

Founding Member

Lourdes Suarez

Founding Member
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